Control panel management guide

What is the Real Time panel control?

The panel control is useful to monitor one or more phones, for example giving a command of environmental recording.

Real Time Control panel Registration

To access the Real Time control panel you need to sign up yourself clicking on the “ Sign-up” button at the top right of the page:

Control panel access

Once effectued the registration and after you have logged to the panel, it will be shown the options with the buttons “Add”, “Management” and “Assistance”.

The “Add” button serves to access the area where it will be possible to enter the PIN code of the monitored phone.

The PIN is visible at the end of the SpyBrother software installation on the phone to monitor. Watch the Installation software guide. The “management” button serves to access the management phone area, where it will be possible to select the phone previously added, and to enter the Real Time area, for example to give the environmental recording command

Add a phone to monitor

In this area of the control panel it’s possible to add the PIN for the phone monitoring and the assignment of a name to identify the disposal in the Real Time panel

After, it will be visualised the “management” button to access at the Real Time panel with all the command for the monitoring of the device.

Select a phone to monitor

In this area it is possible to select the phone to monitor, it only need to sliding the drop-down menu and choose the name previously assigned to the device.

Real Time panel management- Home menu

After have selected a phone to monitor you can access to the Real Time management area, in which it will be possible to give the following commands:

  • Start environmental recording of 6 second, 2 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes
  • GSM or GPS geolocalisation
  • Listen to the environmental recordings
  • Listen to the incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • SMS reading
  • Adress book reading

Start an environmental recording

Always within the control panel in the HOME menu, it is possible give the command for the environmental recording of the monitored phone, just click on the “START” button.

In this way, it will be sending a recording command to the monitored phone, for a time of, for example, 6 seconds, 2 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

Environmental recording

Onced given the recording command, for example of 6 second, the system will say you that “the phone is waiting for the command”.

After a few second the monitored phone will receive a command for the starting of the environmental recording, for example of 6 second.

In this sequence the monitored phone does the file audio transfer in your control panel, in which it can be downloaded and listened.

Once finished the transfer it will appear the link for the download of the audio file.

Environment Menu

In this area are listed all the environmental recordings made.

It will be possible downloaded the recording file on your own pc and eventually delete those files that are useless, simply clicking on the “delete” button.

SMS Menu

In the SMS menu are listed all the messages received and made with the monitored phone.

It shows the date of sending and receipt, the phone number and the text of the message.


In this area are indicated the geographical positions of the monitored phone.

It is possible give the command from the HOME menu to the item “Geolocalisation from GSM net

Once given the command, the phone will answer giving its geographical position with the date and the time on the map.


This menu shows every phone number with the name of each phone-contact saved in the monitored phone SIM.

Menu APP installed on the monitored phone

In this section are listed all the installed and removed applications in the monitored phone.

Photo menu

Here are listed all the photo taken through the frontal camera of the monitored device.

To take the photo only need to give the command from the HOME menu on item “Take a photo from the frontal camera”.

ON / OFF Menu

In the ON/OFF menu are visualised date and time of the switch on/off cycle of the monitored phone.