SpyBrother is a spy app to control your phone remotely

Spybrother is a spy App that can be installed on every Android phone, and it consent the monitoring at a distance, to protect your children from possible acts of bullying, or avoid unpleasant situations with your employees your company

The App is totally invisible and it can be removed only by its owner through his SpyBrother online reserved area.

The main features of this App are its lightness, in fact it comes into operation only when necessary and its unique functions, as well as the price of 15 absolutely the lowest of the category.

Other “ Spy App” on market analysed:

    • They have different backgrounds trial always in execution, with a consequent excessive consume of battery, overheating and a deceleration of the Internet connection.
    • They can be removed
    • They can’t block and unlock the phone
    • They have a very elevated cost that goes from 60 dollars a month up to 300 dollars a month
    • They makes promises that they can’t realise, or, actually, they can do, but only tampering the phone software. (Rooted)
    • They don’t have a beta-test with all the active functionalities.
Spy App SpyBrother functions

SpyBrother don’t need the phone root.

    • SMS Messages
    • Contacts
    • GPS Locations
    • GSM Locations
    • Applications
    • Facebook Chat Notifications
    • Whatsapp Chat Notifications
    • ALL Chat Notifications
    • All email Notifications
    • Environmental recording
    • All App installed
    • Phone On/Off
    • Locks Phone
    • UnLocks Phone
    • Display all message notifcations
    • Name ADSL Connection


One of the SpyBrother App qualities is its lightness. It come in only when is necessary.

It’s really quite simple! It takes only 30 seconds to install your App with all the active functions.