• The SpyBrother App is a software useful for the monitoring of one or more phones, it allows you to listen to all incoming and outgoing phone call, to monitor the environmental audio, reading SMS, discover the geographical position of the device through GPS or GSM net, take photos and more…
  • To install the SpyBrother software on your smartphone, you must download the file through this link: http://m.spybrother.com and follow the guide HERE
  • The license will be active just installing the SpyBrother software on your phone. At the end of the process, the PIN generate will serve to monitor the phone through the Real Time control panel.
  • Installing the software on the phone there is a free license of three days with all the activated functionalities, with the aim to test the functions and verify the proper functioning of the monitored phone.
  • Once finished the period of the free license, in the control panel will appear a message that you will inform that the license must be renewed. It will be shown a link for the purchase of the license at .
  • Once executed the installation, any icon will be shown on the phone to monitor. This is because the software don’t need any setting. You will be the direct manager of your software through your Real Time panel control.
  • SpyBrother is always installable in a device owned and used from the same person.
    The application has been conceived for a legal use, for example as a control instrument of your underage children.
    However, it will be an user’s responsibility to establish conditions and agreement for the use of SpyBrother in their own country.
  • SpyBrother doesn’t need the root of the phone. Many Spy App on market use this system even if they don’t mention it in the description. What is the phone Root? It’s a modifying system process of the Android to obtain the rights of superuser of the system and can modify it at your pleasure. The only drawback is that the rooted phone must be subject to the loss of assurance and security.
  • To remove the App you need to access to the control panel and delete the device from the Real Time system. Then is necessary get the customer service which will provide to give you all the spcs.
  • To have assistance for any issue or doubts about the software use, it’s possible to open a ticket at the https://helpdesk.spybrother.com
  • It’s possible to monitor every phone you desire just repeating the installation process for each device, entering the PIN directly generated in their own Real Time control panel
  • The application has been conceived to optimize the battery, coming to consume a derisive quantity of its autonomy. In fact, the software comes into operation only when is necessary, avoiding overheating that are an index of unwanted programs activated in back
  • For the access at the Real Time control panel you need to check-in entering an e-mail and a password in: https://account.spybrother.com/ by clicking on the “ Sign-up” button on the top right of the page, watch the control panel guide.
  • Into the Real Time control panel you will find all the useful function for the phone monitoring. Substancially, it’s possible to send environmental recording commands, GSM/GPS position, calls listening and more. Watch the control panel guide.
  • If you want to delete the data related to the environmental or calls recordings, you only need to click the “delete” button (watch the control panel guide.) next to each recording.
    Otherwise, to delete all the information, you need to click on the SETUP menu in the control panel and remove the phone from the monitoring system. Each information will be definitely deleted.