License activation and purchase

To activate the license you need the following passages.

Before buying the license at the incredible price of 1533/strong> per month, it’s possible to download the App for free and use it for 3 days with all its functionalities active.

To download the SpyBrother App on the phone to monitor, you must enter through your mobile phone into the web page, watch the installation guide Here.

Once executed the installation you will be shown a message with a numerical PIN which will serve for the activation of the phone in your control panel.

This PIN is absolutely necessary for the license activation, so you should note it because, for privacy and security reasons, it won’t be recovered.

Once installed on the smartphone, you must proceed with the registration in the reserved area.

After, it will be possible enter the numerical PIN generated.

Once entered the PIN every function will be available and ready to use.

In the private area it will be possible to add more smartphone to control, simply entering the PIN corresponding at each monitored phone.

From this moment the license will be stay active for free for 3 days which will serve for the text of the monitored phone with all the active functionalities.

You can buy the monthly license al 15

For each kind of information the assistance is disposable Here

How activate a 30 days valid license

Fig. 1

After have used the free license of 3 days, in your control panel it will appear a text with a notice of expiry.

To proceed with the purchase it will be necessary to:

  1. Select the phone from the drop-down menu
  2. To flag for the automatic license renewal
  3. Click the Buy button to proceed with the transaction on paypal.

Fig. 2

Once clicked on the “Buy” button, it will be visualised the page (as in the figure 2.) that will execute the transfer to the PayPal payment page (as in the figure 3.)

Fig. 3