Blue Whale Challenge – Online Suicide Game

The Blue Whale Challenge is promoted as a game. But, it is not so. If you haven’t come to know about it yet, it is an urban legend that probably began from Russia. It encompasses a series of eerie tasks to be completed over 50 days. And, it gets sinister with each day. At the end of this game, the player is ultimately forced to commit a suicide. Reportedly, this game has claimed the lives of more than 130 teenagers. However, there is no official confirmation regarding the same. It is played through a Russian social networking site, VKontakte.

The teen social media suicide game has become a rage. It has already claimed more than 130 innocent lives. But, you can save your child from its trap by using SpyBrother parental control app. By using this app, you can keep an eye on your teen’s online activity even from a remote distance.

The game has been affecting the minds of depressed kids and teenagers in Russia and Central Asia. But, it is spreading its roots in Europe as well. This is a suicidal game run by a group of sick administrators who assign self-harming tasks to the young players and urge them to complete the task and send a photo of the same to the administrator. When verified by the administrator or curator, the player is given the next task for the next day. These tasks may include something as bizarre as waking up at 4:20 AM to watch horror films or cutting the arm with a razor.

In many countries, parents are advised to keep their children safe from the online suicide groups running this kind of rage. In this regard, SpyBrother can become your perfect partner. This is a smartphone tracking app with multiple functionalities. We know that your child’s safety is critical.

Hence, we have devised this app that allows you to read the text messages on their phone, listen to the calls made or received, check their phone book, use GPS tracking, and watch the social media notifications on their phone. You can start with a free license valid for 3 days to evaluate our app.

Using these robust cell phone monitoring features, you can protect your children from the probable dangers of deadly Blue Whale Challenge.

If you download this app on your teen’s mobile phone, it will never let Blue Whale happen to your child. You can monitor all the activities remotely on a computer and this app will remain invisible on the kid’s cell phone.

SpyBrother offers features like:

  • Social media monitoring to track the recent activities of your kid on the platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, chats, and emails.
  • Tells the exact GPS location on a real-time basis
  • Displays the message notifications
  • Captures the Photos taken from your teen’s phone.

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