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Giu 28th, 2017 News

Different Chat Apps that May Put Children at Risk

In this age of digital communication and easy access to the internet, children are more tech savvy than ever. Kids as young as six are now walking around with their own cell phones and internet connected tablets. While this gives them access to the outside world, it also gives the outside world access to them.

This can be a terrifying prospect for parents who fear bullying and predators who seek out children online. Most devices offer parental controls of some kind, but it seems as if there’s always a new app or chat service that allows them to circumvent the rules. Parental controls may not be aware of these new ways to communicate, and aren’t prepared to monitor them yet.

It’s always a good idea to frequently monitor the things that are being downloaded on your child’s mobile device. This can give you an idea of what they’re doing, and the people that they may be in contact with. The best policy is to only allow use of these things when the child is being actively supervised. If you’re unable to do this, you may consider an app like spy message Facebook that can monitor messages when you can’t. Next time you check your child’s phone or mobile device- keep an eye out for some of these high risk apps:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook isn’t something that’s supposed to be used by children under the age of thirteen, but it’s not difficult for younger children to change their birthday to gain access. This is a web community that allows everyone to make their own social page and to connect with others all over the world.

It’s also a favorite playground for child predators, and teenagers who ruthlessly bully their peers.

It’s not difficult for someone to locate anyone on Facebook, and random searches can put you in contact with people who you don’t know. A predator can view the profile of your child, and initiate contact using Facebook messenger. This is the chat app that comes with access to Facebook, and allows video conversation as well as voice services. Someone with bad intentions can send your child an inappropriate video before there’s a chance to screen the content.

Another child can also use Facebook to target your child publicly, and can use Facebook Messenger to harass and bully your child relentlessly without consequence. This is why it’s extremely important to monitor these activities, and to block the app if necessary.


This is a chat application that can be downloaded on most mobile devices. What makes this so appealing to bullies and predators is the fact that the chat clips are erased after they’re received.

This eliminates the evidence, and allows for more private conversations. The chats are done when one person takes a picture or short video of themselves and adds in text. They then send this to the person who they’re contacting. Once the message is opened, it can be erased permanently.

Part of what makes this app so dangerous to younger kids is its popularity and widespread use. A child may be tempted to keep the app even when others are using it to harass them.


This is a chat app made specifically for children. Unfortunately, this also makes it a prime target for predators. Kik made the news recently when a young girl was lured away from her home and victimized when a child predator contacted her using this app. This is one chat service that may just need to be removed and blocked from your child’s mobile devices.

Knowledge is really the best defense when it comes to bullying and child predators. Check electronics often and thoroughly!