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Mar 20th, 2017 News

Some Interesting Tips to Make Your China Trip a Memorable Journey

More and more tourists from across the globe are flocking to China to catch a glimpse of its ancient culture as well as its bright future. Although, with the recent developments in the country you’ll be able to access a lot of modern amenities; however, its better to be prepared with your stuff and what to expect when you visit the country:

People in China prefer only one currency and that’s their own one. Hence, if you are planning to buy some souvenirs from the country for your loved ones, be equipped with plenty of Yuan to splurge. Just to inform you beforehand, Chinese businesses don’t even deal in the US dollars or Hong Kong dollars (if you were planning to carry them)!

As Chinese is a predominant language used here, it can become quite difficult to navigate the directions and the chances are higher that you get astray in the country.

Hence, installing a spy app in China would be a smart decision to let your friends and family know about your whereabouts. Its also advisable to explore the place in advance (you can take the help of internet to do so, while you’re in your country!).

If you are planning to explore every nook and corner of the country and are ready to travel long distances – Chinese trains are going to be your best bet. However, its recommended to book these trains well in advance to avoid any complications later on. These trains usually get booked very early, especially during the peak season of summers and Chinese New Year. So, early planning and early booking will always be your best option to go by.

Again, the world of internet is not so handy in China – as most of the websites are not accessible here. It includes websites like Gmail, Twitter and even Facebook. If any of these websites work as your medium to be in touch with your friends and family, make sure that you let them know in advance about your bearings. You can also use spy app in China as an alternative to get your location tracked.

If you are a meat lover and are always looking forward to savour new taste off the non-vegetarian platter – dog meat can help you satiate your taste buds. China is well-known for its rate of dog consumption.

Last but definitely not the least; don’t forget to visit Chinese“wet” markets where you will be able to get a lifetime experience of watching everything wet as every stuff in the market gets sprayed with a water hose (and you too!). You can get fresh vegetables & fruits, as well as giant frogs, turtles, eels and other seafood items in this market.