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Giu 17th, 2017 News

The Effects of Bullying

Bullying has been an increasingly disturbing problem in public and private school systems. Children are being effected at younger and younger ages, and they are showing some very upsetting psychological symptoms. There have been reports of children as young as eleven committing suicide due to the unrelenting teasing by their peers.

This is a sad situation, and a testimony to the way that the times have been changing. The effects of bullying can go far beyond the classroom, and can actually go on to infect the adult workspace as well. When bullying and intimidation are allowed to move past childhood and adolescence- we end up with a generation of mean spirited adults.

This is a terrifying prospect for anyone who’s gone through that kind of experience. They finally feel that they’re free of the bullying, only to find that it’s being carried over to their adult lives. Stopping the behavior when children are young is extremely important. This is why many parents are using spyware to keep an eye on what’s going on over their children’s electronic devices. They can listen in on phone calls, or view texts that may expose bullying. The spy call recording can help parents to stop the problem before it turns into a lifelong struggle. Consider some of the consequences of bullying listed below:


The constant influx of nasty comments can really damage a child’s self-esteem. This can cause them to feel badly about themselves, and they can slowly begin to believe the awful things that they’re being told. If a child is constantly being told that they’re ugly or overweight, they can start to develop and eating disorder or even a body dysmorphic disorder. They will begin to take things to heart, and it can change their behaviors

An outgoing child may become withdrawn and reclusive after a bad bout with bullying. They may try to hide the things that are happening to them, because they feel ashamed or don’t want to burden their parents. Puberty is also a very sensitive time, and bullying can lead to lifelong struggles with depression.

Failing Grades

Children who are experiencing the effects of bullying will sometimes begin to focus their attentions on the things that are happening to them. They become pre-occupied with their fear and their stress regarding the next encounter that they’re going to have with the people who are bullying them. This can take away from their focus on actual school work.

They stop focusing on academia, and become obsessed with surviving or avoiding their bullies. This generally results in lower grades and poor students.

Health Problems

Every adult understands that stress can make you feel very ill. When you’re constantly worried about something, it can make your stomach hurt, cause stress headaches, hives, hair loss, weight loss, and other symptoms generally associated with adulthood stressors. If a child suddenly starts showing these signs, it’s a good idea to seek immediate medical attention. Often, a pediatrician can tell whether these are related to behavioral issues, or to an actual medical reason.

A Higher Instance of Drug Use

Children who are bullied will sometimes look for ways to escape their situation. This can lead them to begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. They will also look for ways to fit in with other kids, and this can lead them to be easily influenced by kids with less than savory intentions.

Bullies themselves will also be twice as likely to use drugs. There are many times when bullies have gone through something traumatic that leads them to try and dominate other children. They are sometimes victims of parental bullying as well.